Impulse Advertising’s Company Store Program


What is a Company Store?

A Company Store is an ordering efficiency tool used to control spending and manage brand.  Our stores are set up as online websites which may or may not be linked to your main company website.  A true online shopping experience is provided to your employees, making it easy for them to purchase products and apparel imprinted with your logo.  The benefits to you as an employer are many:  controlled spending, ordering efficiency, brand management, program support, professional and consistent image creation for your company, increased advertising, and the bottom line…Higher Sales and an Increase in Business Volume.  The goal here is to get your company in front of your target audience and create brand trust and confidence.



We handle your needs from start to finish. 

  • We create your store with your logo and/or designs, displaying items you have approved
  • We stock inventory for you and ship items to your online customers (employees) the day after purchase
  • We provide sales and inventory reports to you, to keep you informed of your employees’ purchases


Specific to your Business

Impulse Advertising has an 18-year history in the business of Printing, Promotions, and Apparel.  Our clients are from a wide range of industries:  Healthcare, High-end Kitchen Appliances, Sun Care, TV/Movies, Education, Home Builders, Manufacturing, Apartment Communities.  We have much insight with regard to the buying habits and preferences of your consumers, and can offer suggestions on how to select the best products for your store.


Pre-Company Store Creation:

Prior to the creation of a company store your purchasing of printing, promo products, and apparel may resemble something like this:

Multiple offices, with multiple buyers at each office, who in turn purchase from multiple distributors…resulting in no control over spending.  With a large number of distributors supplying your products there may be confusion regarding your logo (color guidelines, acceptable usage).  Programs such as Employee Safety, Employee Recognition, and Rewards vary from office to office, with no corporate consistency. 


Post-Company Store Creation:

A beautiful, easy-to-use company store filled with approved print, promo, and apparel items is available to all company employees.  The site is regularly promoted and employees are encouraged to make purchases; these employees, as a result, are made to feel responsible and valuable as members of your company team.  They wear and use the apparel and products outside of the office, providing advertisement of the company throughout the community in a positive light.  Advertising dollars are under control by the company, your logo is being used correctly, and through programs employees may receive coupon codes to use in the online store to redeem rewards for safety and recognition.


How Do We Get Started?

It’s really quite simple.  Since we aren’t asking for some drawn out contract that locks you in for some fixed period of time, all we ask for is a simple YES.  Well, we might also like to hear something to the effect, “We really can’t wait”, or “We are really excited to try this.”   All kidding aside, a simple yes will do.

  1. We send you a simple proposal.
  2. You say YES let’s move forward.
  3. We get artwork from you for the products and home page (or we can create these for you based on your preferences for an additional price).
  4. Products are selected for the site, and then specific quantities are ordered (unless you prefer not to have us keep stock).
  5. We send you an invoice for the items ordered and/or agreed upon services. 
  6. Email us back the Order Confirmation with a signed authorization.
  7. We will create the online store and coordinate with your company web designer to link the sites.
  8. You promote the site to your employees and they place orders.