Impulse Advertising - Mailing Program



Our goal is to help you increase your business by providing a service different than our competitors, and quite frankly, different from yours.  The goal here is to get your company in front of your target audience in the fastest time possible, before your competitors get in the game.  We believe, “A first impression is THE chosen impression.”

We handle your needs from start to finish. 

  • We print your custom-designed postcards according to your design (we can design this for an additional cost).
  • We provide a custom mailing list, focused on your business needs. 
  • We mail your newly-designed postcards to your targeted addresses.


Specific to your Business

We are targeting individuals and families that are in NEED of your services.  Why?  Because these folks are looking for a reputable, trustworthy company to do business with, and targeting these consumers, versus random households, gets you in the process much earlier than your competitors.

  • Targeted Listings – Targeted mailing lists pinpoint your best leads.  It is best to consider the following 3 types of categories:  Specialty List (allows you to identify your target audience), Custom Mailing List (allows you to select the customer criteria that meet your needs), Cloned List (allows you to find customers similar to your best current customers).
  • We have access to some of the most vast, complex, and overwhelming lists available.
  • Unlike most mail houses, we believe timing is among the most important aspects, so we ship weekly; one day after we get the updated mailing list.  New list arrives Monday; we ship on Tuesday.



Postcards are one of the most common forms of mailers.   That doesn’t mean they need to be the lowest quality.  We print our cards on the best paper stock when considering PRICE, QUALITY, and RESULTS.

  • We print our postcards on 14pt card stock.  We have found that this thickness stands out more than the more common and cheaper 80 & 100# paper stocks.  We print so much, that we can offer a better quality stock at the same if not better price than that of the lesser paper stocks.
  • We take your design (we can create it based on your information if needed) and print on 8.5” x 5.5” postcards.  Why that size?  Because it’s the best based on PRICE, QUALITY, and RESULTS.
  • We stock your pre-printed postcards at NO extra cost.

Targeted Mailing List

Our mailing lists are vast, complex, and are so detailed that they can be overwhelming.  We partner with the highest quality mailing list compilers available.  It’s simple…we believe that a good “targeted” mailing list will reflect in the highest possible results.  A small example of a list below, which was generated to show homes that are listed at $400k and above, which should generate a move cost of $10K or more:





St#          St Name


Zip Code

Area   SType

L/S Price        Br/Ba











5629 Clark AV



21 STD

$474,997   3/2,0,0,0




Jun‐77 Y







6206 Seaborn ST




$415,000   3/1,0,0,0




6‐Jun N







5208 Fidler AV




$449,000   3/3,0,0,0




6/123                      N




  • We provide detailed lists to target your specific needs.
  • We receive our lists the first part of each week, which reflects the previous week’s listings in a given geographical area.
  • The weekly list will vary in number based on the geographical location you want us to target. 


Our mail houses are amazing.  Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of great mail houses out there, but the one thing they all tend to lack, is speed or fast turnaround.

  • Pre-sorting and Addressing
  • (CASS)Coding Accuracy Support System – Translation: Simply means that our mail houses use software to verify all addresses with that of the 4-digit zip code on file with USPS so that you are not incurring the cost of postcards and postage that is going to an address that doesn’t exist or is wrong.
  • NCOA List Verification – USPS requirement that guarantees the list has been verified so that all “change of addresses” have been updated, again, keeps you from wasting money on bad addresses.
  • Our ink jet printing is done directly on the postcard, not onto a sticker which so often gets applied to the card crooked.
  • Postage – Our mail houses are eligible for all different kinds of bulk mail discounts throughout the USPS.  This means we can hold our pricing on our pre-sorted and addressed postcards to the absolute best price levels that USPS offers.
  • It may not seem like a big thing, but we deliver our mail to the USPS, instead of having them pick it up.  The benefit to you is that we get in their system much earlier than when the carrier delivers to the hub.


We understand that this process may be new to you and your company.  That means the perception is such that, it’s a risk, and that you may be hesitant to get too deep into something like this.  We get it, and that’s why we do not create a contract locking you into this for some fixed time frame.  Having said that, we want to see you do this for a long time, and we believe you will, so there really is no reason for us to lock you into a fixed time frame.

  • The program is simple.  For a weekly mailing  we offer everything:  postcard printing, postcard storage, mailing lists, pre-sorting, inkjet addresses, and of course postage and drop-off.


That’s it.  We aren’t joking.  Remember this is a project that enables your company to do nothing but answer the phone when you get a call, and you will get plenty of calls.  You are targeting a potential client that has a specific need for YOU.  In other words, there is no additional cost on your part until you visit the prospective new client, after receiving a call for a quote, generated from your MAILER.


How Do We Get Started?

It’s really quite simple.  Since we aren’t asking for some drawn out contract that locks you in for some fixed period of time, all we ask for is a simple YES.  Well, we might also like to hear something to the effect, “We really can’t wait”, or “We are really excited to try this.”   All kidding aside, a simple yes will do.

  1. We send you a simple proposal.
  2. You say YES let’s move forward.
  3. We get artwork from you for the postcards (or we create them based on your relevant information for an additional price).
  4. You tell us what cities or zip codes you want us to target, and if applicable, any price ranges or other variables.
  5. We send you an order confirmation.  This will include a breakdown of how many postcards we suggest ordering, based on your mailing list.  It’s important that we print enough postcards to last through the month.
  6. Pricing will be broken up between the actual printed postcards and the mailing process, because we will bill the postcards separately at time of printing, and bill the mailings each week, based on how many addresses are on the list.
  7. E-mail us back the order confirmation with a signed authorization.
  8. Payment.  Payments can be made via direct deposit, or via company check.  It’s important to have payments made each Monday after we review the new weekly list and estimate the quantity and billing total, so that the mailings can be sent out the next day without delay.